Monday, September 18, 2006

P'nut, you are not insane.

Hay saw the s-e-e-k-m-o ad, too.

Everyone: If you see an advertisement over top of my blog I'd appreciate it if you'd say something. My Mac is not helpful in those matters. Now, back to redoing my template.

Update: I know stuff is still all whack and that the color is 990033, but that's what you get when Poppy is tired. It's kinda like when Mom was too tired to cook you a steak and mashed potatoes so she gave you spam in the can with a side of Saltines instead. The spice of life! Speaking of spice, let me at least throw you this photo I took of some yummy sugar cookies. It's my myspace icon, and a tasty dessert to go with your spam!


Avitable said...


What the hell happened?

P'nut said...

Oh, hey, I really like the red! You just need to jazz it up a bit with a cool header like you did the last one.

And I'm very happy to hear I am not insane. I was beginning to worry.

Diamond Lil said...

Me likey the 990033.

Avitable said...

I think that ad was a result of the "# of online users" code I had on my blog. I took it off mine, and never had it again.