Sunday, September 17, 2006

Highlights of my weekend

Hi, everyone!

I don't remember yesterday morning. I think I studied for my certification (I don't take my test until mid-October). Oh!!! I watched Friends with Money! Five stars for this chick flick...until the very end when everything is so conveniently sewn up into a pretty little package. Why do movie makers do that?!

In the afternoon Hay and I went to my dad's house. At dinner my dad mentioned that our next door neighbor told my dad that she has a plate in her head with a screw loose. She tried to get my dad to touch the loose screw but he wouldn't do it. She also showed him her tracheotomy scar, which we all assume was from when she hit her head and needed a metal plate inserted. ... It's all so confusing. When the heck did my next door neighbor hit her head so hard that she needed a metal plate? She did mention that she was in 4 car accidents recently, but she told my dad that someting fell onto her head, and things don't usually fall onto your head in a car accident. ... Resuming with other oddities: Hay talked with my dad about clocks while my stepmom cornered me into a room by pretending to show me something (I am so gullible) and forced me into an extremely uncomfortable conversation about having children. *eek*

I woke up before 8:00am today, jumped into the shower, and suddenly wondered if Britney and K-Fed named their children Sean Preson Federline and Sutton Pierce Federline, because their initials are SPF. I then started singing the “FDS woman, so very confident” song, except (as always) I sang it as “SPF woman”. And, I chuckled to myself because that's funny.

Then, I woke up Hay so that I could ask him to breakfast a little after 8:00am. Breakfast: Good coffee. Smelly person at the table behind us. I think it was concentrated liquid manure. Or ... rotting clemican flesh? I dunno. It was weird. I left a $2 tip on a $15 check, then after I paid my bill I came back to leave another $1, but the table was already cleared. I felt really bad, so I tracked down our server and let her know that I wasn't done leaving a tip yet and gave her another dollar. Hopefully she was the one who cleared the table or else she now thinks I only gave her $1. Hmm.

I finally got through book 5 of 7 for my certification in between [listening to my new Justin and Kelis, and new-to-me Manfred Mann (yup, Avi!) albums] and... [*sigh* ... causing my beautiful riding lawn mower to completely die when it ran out of oil which caused the engine to seize]. A moment of silence for my mower, please. She was a good girl for the 3 whole years I had her. Hay plans to call around for prices to repair her. We'll see. The most ironic part is that the mower died just as I was doing my final pass over a small patch of grass that wasn't mowed. The rest of the land was already mowed.

I made General Tso/Tao's tofu for dinner. I cheated on the veggies, only using fresh onion and green pepper then using Bird's eye Szechuan veggies to supplement. Oh. Man. GREAT combo. I stuffed myself silly with the tofu over Jasmati rice. Food coma! *snoz ....snort snort snoz snoz*

We're capping off the evening with old MythBusters episodes and House Detective. It's been a productive weekend. I hope yours was, too. :)



goldennib said...

Your Dad's neighbor sounds like a hoot.

Nancy Drew said...

She has a screw loose and you passed up on making a joke about it. Very classy.

The reason I don't have kids is that my outlaws (now late outlaws) nagged the hell out of my ex and me to have them. If they were sincere about it all they had to do was keep their big Brit mouths shut.

But nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Oh well, given all the inherited health probs, it's a good thing they did nag....oh yah and the divorce...

Sorry about the mower...and the tip? That's EXACTLY what I would have done....and the veggies too lol..

Nancy Drew said...

p.s. 4 car accidents? Don't ever drive with her....

Avitable said...

You can cook Chinese food? I just thought it was grown in those nifty containers.

Thérèse said...

Wow. Your weekend was much more jam packed than mine. I watched a couple of blues bands, met my boyfriend's friends for the first time and had a bazillion chocolate milkshakes.

Hey. I didn't say mine wasn't fun.

Sara said...

I would like to hear more about the General Tao's tofu dish please.