Friday, September 22, 2006

The Office season premiere

Sooooooo, thoughts? I think I've waited long enough for everyone to watch it, right? No? Okay, then ******* SPOILER ALERT ********

  1. I hate Angela. I cannot tolerate her intolerance.
  2. Things without Jim just aren't the same.
  3. I'm sad about Jim and Pam (but *not* about Roy and Pam). Jim and Pam's status follows the UK version so it wasn't a surprise. ... More of a disappointment, really. The part about Roy does not follow the UK version, so I'm confused why Jim and Pam aren't together now. Jim can't be gone for long.
  4. If I had fish or chicken to choose from every day I'd tell Roy to eat it all.
  5. I think it's funny that Jim's new office had to do diversity training because of “what happened in the Scranton office”. :)
  6. I don't appreciate that Brian doesn't find the office supplies in Jell-o funny. He seriously needs to lighten up. Actually, everyone at that branch does. And, really actually, they need to get out of our perfect Scranton story line. We don't care about anyone there but Jan.

And, in case you're coming at this from the bottom of the page, this serves as a ******* SPOILER ALERT ******** of the season premiere of The Office. Thank you and good night.


stefanie said...

All fine points, but there was one really amusing part from Jim's new office--when his new girl co-worker said Jim is "always looking at the camera and doing this [insert classic Jim face-wrinkle and shrug]." That cracked me up.

Poppy Cede said...

I did not appreciate that moment. She looked stupid doing it. When Jim does it, then it's funny. When random woman does it, just not funny. I don't like this change. :( I hope things go back to normal soon. PLEASE, NBC! PLEASE!!

Avitable said...

I loved it.

Keeping Jim away from the office for a little while is a great move.

Roy slimming down and deciding to show Pam that he appreciates her is very interesting.

Michael crying his eyes out when he realized how insensitive he had been was amazing.

I love this show!

Renee said...

I laughed so hard last night! Michael cracked me up wondering if Oliver's room mate knows he's gay! LMAO!!

I love this show!!

P'nut said...

*sniff* I missed it all! I'm so sad. But thanks for letting me know what happened.

Mel said...

I'm still in shock over the whole Jim/Pam/Roy thing.

Did you notice how, during the Diversity training, Jim looked to the empty chair beside him and kinda smiled? He was remembering when Pam fell asleep on him... which was during the the Diverisity training in Scranton! Such an sweet "awwww" moment :)

Dear baby Jesus. Bring Jim back to Scranton. Things aren't the same without him. Amen.

Poppy Cede said...

Mel, I knew you'd agree with me. I did not remember that Pam fell asleep on him, although I did remember her sitting next to him. Awwww, that's even more reason why those two need to be together! I can't stand it!!!

That baby Jesus bit made me snort out loud. :)

Anonymous said...

We need Jim back pronto, but all in all a fine season premiere!

Kristen said...

I was happy that the show is back on now, but here are my thoughts:

1. Hello, for a season opener, can't we get an hour-long show?

2. Jim will DEFINITELY be moving back to Scranton, hopefully soon. The staff there are just not a match for our quick-witted Jim. Who doesn't love the calculator in the jello?

3. I was surprised that Roy actually realizes now what he lost in Pam. This is an interesting twist, and I'm sure we're being set up for more emotional rollercoasters when Jim finally does come back to the Scranton office.

4. Angela is so horrid, so so horrid and intolerant. Which makes me love this actress for being so good at being the absolute bitch that she is. I loved it when Oscar walked past her and she acted like he accosted her.

5. Thank heavens Jim built a Gaydar for Dwight.

lemony said...

Gaydar for Dwight. Hee.

I love this show, man.

Mel said...

Quick comment on #6:

Isn't Jan at Corporate in New York? I don't think she works in Stamford, CT with the other drones there.

I'm putting The Office "On Notice". If Jim's not back in Scranton by the end of the season, then it's going straight to "Dead To Me".

Poppy Cede said...

Was she not at the Stamford branch in the season premiere? At least just visiting?

Okay, so Jan isn't there, which makes my case that I don't care about any of them. :)