Friday, September 01, 2006

Pink fan*

I've actually been feverishly refreshing my blog and reading my Yahoo mail for comments on the post below this one. Somehow it makes me happy that I'm so guessable. I hope you'll continue guessing until all 10 are striked out. But, please don't just go to IMDb and start listing off all the characters for CB and SotD (PS - No, not the zombies, DLil!), or visiting the originating site for PfB, because that's cheating! Also, there is actually a tie for my favorite character for Beetlejuice, so anyone want to guess who that other character is?

Work has been really weird. I think it might have slowed down, but I'm not exactly sure. Please don't ask me to explain, as I'm not sure I understand it well enough to explain.

One of my favorite shows, The Biggest Loser, is back on Wednesday, 9/20 at 9pm on NBC. I love that show, it was so inspirational to me while I was losing weight last winter. Although, I'm sad that Jillian is not returning. :( She's my favorite.

Speaking of not returning, yesterday's news is that Carolyn from The Apprentice no longer works for The Donald, so now daughter Ivanka and son (um, Donald Jr?) will be his sidekicks on the show.

*The title has nothing to do with anything other than the pink fan my daddy gave me for my birthday a while back which sits proudly on my desk at work and cools me off when it's a billion degrees in the office.


Diamond Lil said...

Your stat counter will show you that I have been refershing to see the anwers as well! Fun Friday game.

My guess for the tie of fave Bettlejuice character is Adam.

As to the title of your post - I thought you were admitting that you were a fan of Pink (color or singer).

Poppy Cede said...

You should do the game, then! It's fun!

Not Adam. :)

I do, in fact, like the color pink, hence, I suppose, the pink fan. I used to like the singer until she did the Stupid Girls album and acted like a hypocrite.