Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hay and I saw a really bad accident this morning. We're waiting to find out if it's someone we know from Hay's work (formerly also my work), who hasn't shown up to work yet and we don't have her contact numbers. My nerves are, as they say, “shot to shit”.

Update: Yes, someone we know. Although, not the person we thought it was. How odd. She's at the hospital now. We'll see.

Update update: The doctors can't find anything wrong with her, other than bruises. They're going to do a chest x-ray then send her on her merry way. You shoulda seen the car. She's very lucky. Got plowed into by a truck. So. Yah.

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Spidey said...

I hate car wrecks. I had just posted about one we saw on our way home from vacation that really messed me up.
It has got to be 100 times worse, when you think it's someone you know--find out it's someone you know--and then have to WAIT longer to find out if he/she is ok.

I am so happy for all involved that she was fortunate enough to walk out of the hospital uninjured.
What a relief that has got to be!