Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Refrigerator maybe-meme

I'm calling this a meme because B has convinced me it is one. This one time when I was browsing Stefanie Says I came across a photo of Stef's refrigerator, on which there were magnets:

I made this really clever comment of,

    “I'd like to see a picture of your fridge magnets in full. You seem to have a very interesting collection. That should be the next "thing" to sweep the blogosphere: photos of fridge magnets!”

and then didn't visit Stef's site for several days (only because my life has been too hectic to keep up with the blogses, not because I don't adore the new template, the great photos, the wonderful content, or Stef herself). I guess you can draw the conclusion that I forgot about this until I visited again and saw Stef's über-planned-out post about her fridge magnets. Then I remember what I had started, what I didn't follow through with.

Last night I took the photos of my refrigerator, but then promptly set the camera batteries to charge. I left the camera next to the batteries so that I wouldn't forget about them. I of course forgot both the camera and its batteries today. But, I assure you, I shall be posting photos of my magnets along with any explanation there is to give about them. Some of them will be altered to protect the innocent (mainly myself and Hay).

I challenge you to do the same. If you were fishing for new posting ideas then you've found one! Post photos of the magnets on your fridge and a synopsis of the meaning of the magnets and/or where you got them and/or whatever else you have to say about them. I can't wait to tell you about my single-eared vache magnet. A bientôt, mes petis choux.


stefanie said...

Ha. I was going to ask you, when you commented on my TV entry, whether you scrolled down far enough to see that I'd complied with your request!

And it's a meme as long as other people pick up the idea and run with it as well. If it ends with me, we probably can't consider it as such, but it was fun nonetheless. :-)

Chicken said...

Cool idea. If I have time I'll try to do the same.

goldennib said...

I need to go get more madnetics. Is there a website called "Magnets-R-Us"?

Mind Sprite said...

This could be fun. And way more fun than doing homework! It might take me a couple days though.