Friday, September 15, 2006

Music exchange

This is not a meme. Repeat, not a meme. But, I do want your ideas for good albums and/or artists. They don't need to be new artists. Tell me who your top five (or however many you care to give) favorites are.

Right now mine are:
1. Death Cab for Cutie - I can't get enough of them. It's like their music is a snuggly fireside cuddle which makes me so content that I forget if I even had any problems or worries. I only have their Plans album, but have the rest of their albums on my Amazon wish list. Alternative

2. Justin Timberlake - *blush* I just, ... love him. :) I still don't have his new album, but expect it to be on my doorstep this evening. His first album Justified is a frequent flyer in my iTunes list. Pop/Electric Pop

3. Jack Johnson - Another cuddly experience, but with a lot of humor thrown in. I'm still waiting for my Banana Pancakes, Jack! I own In Between Dreams and can't get enough of it. Acoustic "Pop"

4. Kelis - I have to throw up her Bossy song because I love it! I ordered Kelis Was Here, which is the album containing Bossy, but it's in the box with Justin. Rap/Hip Hop

5. Lady Sovereign (SOV!) - Vertically Challenged will arrive next week, but I love her song Love Me or Hate Me even though a clean version of her lyrics plays over and over in the Verizon chocolate commercial. She's spunky, hard core, sailor-potty-mouthed, and raw. Punk punk punk/Rap/Hip Hop

Wow, it's hard to do only five. It's even harder to convey exactly why you should listen to them.


AnonymousCoworker said...

"Illuminate the 'no's on their vacancy signs" is Mrs. ACW's favorite Death Cab for Cutie line right now.

For me, I have a hard time because I like so many genres, but:

Badly Drawn Boy- Good lyrics, good melodies, hard to not enjoy

Beulah- Almost-hipster alterna-rock. I've yet to find someone who hates them.

A Tribe Called Quest- You really can't find better hip-hop than that of Tribe. Positive messages, good beats, smart lyrics, and just plain fun to listen to.

Radiohead- Depending on what point you catch them in their career you can listen to dozens of different types of music. And they effing rock.

Beastie Boys- From Sabotage to Fight for your Right to Brooklyn they somehow manage to stay fresh without ever substituting substance for style.

Mind Sprite said...

I like all kinds of music, so it’s hard to narrow it down. This would be easier if I was at home with my iTunes, but I’ll suggest a couple you might not be familiar with that are in a similar vein as the ones you listed….

Imogen Heap “Speak for Yourself” – I love, love, love her voice! Interesting arrangements musically and a good variety while still having a cohesive feel. She is the vocalist for Frou Frou, which did the song from Garden State that you may have heard

Speaking of which………
“Garden State” soundtrack – just an all-around, well-rounded compilation of great indie music. I could listen to it all day.

Fruit Bats “Mouthfuls” – nice soothing, intricate music with a charming, folk feel. I love to have this on in the background while I’m on the computer or reading the paper. Great mellow music without being sleepy or repetitive.

All-American Rejects “Move Along” – perky, peppy pop with a good beat. I can’t help but sing along.

Evanescence “Fallen” – the lead singer has such a beautiful, lyrical voice backed up by a powerful rock band. Sort of goth, sort of power ballad and hard to describe, but I always enjoy it.

Mel said...

DCC is coming to DC on November 6th and I'll be there! :)

The Postal Service (for obvious reasons)
John Mayer (new CD came out this week!)
Alowishous Farhatt (awesome local band that is AMAZING live)
The Jane Doe's (esp. 'Junkie' from LG15's swimming video)

BelchSpeak said...

My new favorite artists are on the Rogues Gallery CD of Sea Chanteys and Pirate Ballads. I love this CD and Im sure you will too!

Avitable said...

I've been listening to The Killers, Scissor Sisters, Avril Lavigne, Paris Hilton, and Richard Cheese.

If you've never heard of Richard Cheese, you should download a few of his songs from albums like "Aperitif for Destruction" and "I'd Like a Virgin". They're hilarious.

goldennib said...

I have nothing for you. I'm bad at remembering names and I kind of just go with the flow as to what's playing at the time.

I do prefer live music, though.

Kristen said...

Aw man, avi took Richard Cheese.

Ok then, the top 5 bands I'll listen to when I feel like listening to music are:

1. They Might Be Giants
2. The Tragically Hip
3. Pink Floyd
4. old-school Indigo Girls
5. Aerosmith

Oh, and
6. REM
7. B-52s

I can't stop.