Sunday, September 10, 2006

snake skin

My sister-in-law found this snake skin on the pebbles to the side of our porch.

snake skin 1

snake skin 2

snake skin 3

I moved it around a bit to get good photos. Looks like the snake slithered further into the pebbles to get out of its skin, since I found the head end embedded into the pebbles.


Avitable said...

That's cool!

We found one that was about 4 feet long stuck in our bushes, fully intact. I pulled it out gently and love to scare the hell out of people (mainly my wife) with it.

Nancy Drew said...

OK, we used to have a pet snake, and this creeped ME out!!!

Natalie said...
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nattering natalie said...

This is decidedly creepy. I don't mind snakes, as long as I know they're coming. I don't like sneak attacks.

stefanie said...

Gah! Creepy. I'm amazed by your calm interest in all things icky-crawly.

Sister MaryJane Rottencrotch said...

Great still life photos!!