Thursday, October 04, 2007

poke me with a stick

When I went to the cafe Manager Peggy asked me how I was doing. I pointed down to my coffee and simply stated, "need this" (as in, I am not a functioning human being yet and coffee will resolve that). She gave me a smile then told me my coffee was free. I heart Peggy. I promised to drink it and come back later to be nice to her, but she said I'm always nice to her so don't worry about it. Did I mention I heart Peggy?

When I arrived to my office someone had placed my partner in crime's baby shower card on my desk mid-circulation. As in, only half the people in the office had received the card before it was returned to me. Let's back up. I'm organizing the baby shower. I'm the one circulating the card. My name is nowhere listed in the circulation list except at the very bottom, and I give to you verbatim from the Excel file, where it says:

Return to Poppy's [upstairs] mailbox after everyone has checked off their names OR by Tuesday, October 16 (whichever comes first).

Am I not making myself clear? I then emailed the entire office to say:

Which ASSHAT can't follow directions and/or is passive-aggressive enough to UNLOCK MY DOOR AND STICK THE CARD ON MY DESK while HALF THE NAMES HAVE YET TO BE CHECKED OFF THE CIRC LIST?!

Well, in my head I did that, anyway... Still plenty of time left in the day!


lisslo said... SHOULD say that. Someone clearly deserves it.

Now, to determine who that someone is, your suspect pool should begin with those who have already signed the card. Who did you give it to first? Find out who they gave it to and so on. There you go. Then you can smack Mr./Ms. Genius upside the head with a shovel. Ta-da!

Tug said...

Some people aren't good readers. Did you type the instructions out sloooooooooooowly?

stefanie said...

I know this is not the point, but all I'm thinking is, you have a door? That locks? And yet, other people can get inside? I'm confused.

Poppy Cede said...

Liss, if I did not feel so pressed for time I would totally start that trouble.

Tug, I type quickly, but c'mon, it's a printout! :D

Poppy Cede said...

Stef, all our doors have the same lock. The lock is just for show from other staff, but keeps the rest of the world out. (If you consider where I work that makes sense.)

whall said...

I just checked, and was dissapointed to see that (and all the other tld's) are already taken! I wanted to make a website where people could submit asshats of the day.

Poppy Cede said...

Wah: is available.

The Absurdist said...

I'd like to know where asshat started. I never heard it before until I started reading yall's blogs... (ie Poppy and Avi).