Saturday, October 20, 2007

Confercation day 5, part 1

I woke up, rolled outta bed, showered and got dressed, then went downstairs to meet J at which time he reminded me that we needed to check out by 11am to go across the street to the Regal Sun (BWAHAHAHAHA, oh, the irony) because the conference ends today and we're paying for the hotel so we're staying someplace cheaper. F.U.C.K. I definitely forgot ALLLLLLLLL about that. G makes an appearance and tells us, "oh, just tell the front desk you need a late checkout time." So, J and I tell the front desk we need a late checkout time, and now we can stay in our rooms until 12:30pm. Yaaaaaaaaay.

We all three head to breakfast and eat stuff. (Again, you wanna know what I eat for breakfast you follow me around. It's not my fault you're not properly stalking me.) After breakfast J and I went to the final session, which happened to be the best session of all. It had to do with whole-disk encryption and centrally managing policies and passwords for those machines. In a mixed environment the presenter found that PGP was the best option. At $150-$250 a seat I have no idea how they were able to work out this model, because that's fucking expensive. For my company the price per seat would be way less because we have thousands of employees, but still. I wanted to ask why they weren't just trying out BitLocker for Vista and built-in encryption for Win 2k/XP, then File Vault and disk image 128-bit encryption for Mac, but I only got to ask one question and the one question I did ask was the best question of the day. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I ask a mean question. ;) After whole-disk encryption was a presentation about educating employees about security. This particular company somehow has a big budget for creating all kinds of material to educate their users. I asked the killer question in that presentation, which I'll share with you: How'd they get the buy-in from the suits? They didn't have an awesome answer for that. They are from West Virginia. Somehow I'm just thinking that West Virginia is more hospitable to security, whereas France could give a flying fuck. I think I should move to West Virginia and join this team. :) The final presentation was about herding cats aka employees to be on board with desktop security. It was an interesting presentation with no great answers, just questions. :)

P1000316.JPG After this last presentation I skipped the closing remarks to go pack up my room. J, G, and I met in the lobby and checked all our bags with the bell service then we headed out to Downtown Disney where I got lost in the magic of World of Disney. I almost bought stuff and then decided not to bother because I was crashing and needed food. J informed me that G had actually left about 10 minutes earlier to go find food, with no plan of how to find us since he doesn't carry around his cell phone, so J and I went to Earl of Sandwich. ...

(This post is going to be fucking long. And I'm only up to 1pm. I'm publishing part 1 in the hopes that I'll be way less verbose in part 2. That'd be nice.)


Avitable said...

Oh, this is the part that doesn't involve or talk about me. I guess I'll read it anyway.


Poppy Cede said...

Avi, why do you keep sticking your tongue out at me? Are you trying to lick me? Ew. :D