Monday, October 15, 2007

Confercation day 1


For those of you still reading, I am going to post a stream of consciousness about my trip because that's what I'm capable of doing at this very moment.

Day 1 was (um...) October 6. I flew out from France. I was supposed to go France -> Washington DC -> Orlando but fog forced me to divert to France -> Philadelphia -> Orlando. Boarded the plane late because the plane was late. The plane started taxiing, yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!, and then... engine cut out. Stuck on the tarmac for 1h15m because Philly was closed to inbound flights DUE TO FOG. Fucking a,b,c,d,e,f. S'ok, I had a book and a cell phone with texting capability. ;) When I got to Philly I (don't remember what happened then) got on the plane and eventually arrived in Orlando to Douglas my driver (shut up), and to J and G who were there to go with me to the hotel. I've known J since I was ... (thinking supah hard) 18? Our bond before this trip was that we both like TMBG and hate his ex-girlfriend Meg. Our bond after the trip? We'll get to that. G is the asshat I mentioned before. You'll see why. So, I meet G and I'm waiting for my luggage and it never shows up so I report it lost and we go to Publix to buy water, beer, soda, chips, donuts, and beef jerky. Then Douglas drove us to our hotel, the lovely Disney Resort Hotel in Buena Vista, and I tipped him big because G was such an ass to him on the way over. (Gosh, I should have known...) We got all our stuff onto a dolly thing and checked in. G and I ended up on floor 2 down the hall from each other while J ended up on floor 8. Luck of the draw. We all settled in our rooms and then we all headed down to the sports bar for drinks and dinner since it was (um, 9pm? 10pm?) and I hadn't eaten ALL FUCKING DAY. I had a scotch because G suggested it, as well as a Coke, and a burger done well done, tyvm. The scotch tasted vaguely of tequila, but without the special effect that tequila has over me. J, G, and I shot the shit at the bar. We then went to G's room to drink beers and chat and (watch sports, I think, Red Sox vs. ? Dan?).


New York City's Watchdog said...

Damn fog... making travelin' all difficult and stuff.

Although it might have afforded you to oppotunity to get an authentic Philly Cheesesteak... yum...

Joefish said...

"The scotch tasted vaguely of tequila, but without the special effect that tequila has over me."

Holy shit! You have tequila-activated super powers? I knew it!

Poppy Cede said...

Dawg, I'm not sure I could have stomached a Philly cheesesteak. I kinda try to eat beef only for dinner. And I definitely did NOT want to stay in Philly that long. :)

Jfu, *hic*