Wednesday, October 18, 2006

“You knock my socks off.”

Last night I cuddled up with Hay and we watched Monday's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This show just keeps getting better. I never, ever expected to love a show with Matthew Perry (“Matt”) and Amanda Peet (“Jordan”) quite this much, since I've never much cared for them in other TV or movie projects they've shown up for.

I cannot tell you how resistant I was to feeling emotion for Harriet and Matt, but when she leaned in and softly stated, “you knock my socks off” as Sting was onstage playing Fields of Gold on the lute, I just burst into tears. It made me ache inside.

(Aww, crap, I just watched the clip to make sure the line was in there and I'm all teary-eyed again.) The song plus the combo of the romantic moment are too much for me to take. If you missed the show, or aren't even watching it yet, see the full episode online at NBC.

One S60 mention unrelated to socks: Kudos to Jordan for passing on the weekly Temptation Island-meets-the-media show. It's a creative idea, but it's definitely more harmful than good(ful) to TV viewers and to the show's participants.

Returning to the socks topic, this Thursday Pam and Jim finally speak:

Sorry about the freaky My Name is Earl promo that precedes it, I don't make these promos. :) I'm just happy they're talking again.


jules said...

I've yet to see this show. Guess I'll have to DVR it! (I think I'm watching something else at the time!)

P'nut said...

I started watching S60 but I'm getting bored of it now, and apparently it's ratings are dropping, too. (I also hear it's an expensive one to make.)

Anonymous said...

How awesome was last night's Office?!?!?! :D
I held my breath during the entire phone call. SO GREAT to see the chemistry between Pam and Jim again. The show just isn't the same without it!

Anonymous said...

We started watching Studio 60 because of Aaron Sorkin. The West Wing was a spectacular show created by Aaron Sorkin but went downhill when he left the show after season four. The writing for Studio 60 is just as good, but I fear the show will not last long due to poor ratings.