Friday, October 13, 2006

New Justin: My Love

Hay, time to avert your eyes again, Sweetie. Thanks. Love ya bunches.

I love Justin, you know that. BUT!, I have criticisms, both of the song and of the video that has been produced in its honor. Here we go...

Song: Justin. Justin. When you are singing a love song to me, I reallly reallllly don't wanna hear other guys bustin' into the song to make it sound like y'all are singing to each other instead of me. If that's how you fly that's cool, but if you're singing to me...well, not so cool to make me think you're gettin' a little bit o' Timba on the side. Ya feel me? Because, you know boy, I'd like to be feelin' you. (That was my best impression of Buckwild, cuz ya hasta get Buck Wild once in a while. Fake-ass.)

Video: Continuing with the Timbaland theory, if you weren't shaking your fist in a jerking off motion for 1 minute 41 seconds while standing next to Timba, then I might believe you better about not wanting to get with him. Let's pretend, however, that you're talking to the scantily clad woman in the video, and not to me or Timbaland (or T.I.). Why does she have to wear hardly anything? Why do you need to have her bend over so you can smack her ass? Why are you objectifying the woman you claim to love so much? Sexy sells, so let us put down right slutty back into your closet of fantasy, okay? Let's have a redo of this video with her wearing more clothes and you showing her your love. Kay? Kay. :)


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Avitable said...

I hope your letter to him included a letter bomb, too.