Thursday, October 05, 2006

The office and The Office

Well, that was a nutty day. I had meetings and other obligations away from my desk from 9am-4pm today. My head was spinning pretty much the entire time, and I was often confused about what meeting I was at or what I was working on. I guess I'm not used to being quite so interactively busy. I'm really good at doing multiple projects simultaneously when I am sitting alone at my desk (même si my office mates are with me), but add other humans to the mix and it's an overload to my senses.

I'm waiting to say something of more substance until after 9pm, when I will have seen The Office. I'll say now that I have quiet anticipation, but that I don't expect positive movement on the Jim and Pam front this week. I think Stef and Avi are correct - other story lines need to be developed or else the show will fail as soon as Jim and Pam get together. There's a magical anticipation of hoping people come together, but once they're together they're just another couple. I think Roy is going to force a love triangle and then we will be confronted with the possibility that we might want Pam and Roy to get back together so that the tension between Pam and Jim still exists. Who knows. I'm talking from a delirious coffee high and I might even yell at myself in the comments later tonight. :)

My brain is somewhat unresponsive right now, so I'll end my blather for now. Enjoy your day (comma dammit)!

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