Friday, October 13, 2006

Somethin' stinks in Mandy's house

Soooo, I was just watching this week's episode of Criminal Minds when I noticed that one of the women from Flavor of Love was playing a bank robbery victim on the show. I turned to Hay and told him this information. I then mulled said information over in my brain for a bit, because I couldn't quiiiite place which season she was from. And then it dawned on me. She is Somethin', aka Ms. Poops on Flav's Floor from this season! Everybody except, apparently, the casting folks for Criminal Minds, knows who she is! Even Wikipedia does!

This photo's credit: VH1

My proof is in the Dish DVR pudding:

Ms. Poops hanging out in her drawers on a bank floor while a serial robber (among other serial-ness) brandishes a MAC-10.

Ms. Poops in her sad yet slimming mug-looking shot for Mandy Patinkin's group to analyze. (I edited out the local channel info, but I assure you that I did not edit any of the other data.)

Although I cannot find another source on The Internets regarding this fact, I am 100% certain that Tykeisha “Somethin” Thomas is pictured above.


It's Me, Maven... said...

What a way to win fame... to hunker down and crap on someone's floor.

Class act! All LOW class, but class, nonetheless~!

stefanie said...

Wikipedia knows EVERYTHING.