Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall treasures

Found amongst the gardens while doing our Fall clean-up:




Go see a few more photos over at flickr.

In case it occurs to anyone to wonder, that's my wedding band on my middle finger. A combination of earlier weight loss and the change in weather to cool and dry has caused my ring finger to shrink too much for the ring to safely remain there. It particularly enjoys falling to the floor when I'm wiping my hands dry after washing them. I began wearing the ring on my middle finger last weekend when I was away visiting friends and the ring kept threatening to jump off while we were at the fair and on our way to see Blue Man Group. After a discussion with Hay on (Monday? Tuesday?), I decided that I would wear the ring on my middle finger for the foreseeable future rather than having it sized. I'm really enjoying its placement. It's like I'm married all over again, and that Hay is now closer to my heart. Odd, but in a very good way.


Monkey said...

That is so sweet about your new ring finger.

The catepillar photo is amazing!! What's the wisdom about fuzzy catepillars? The fuzzier the colder winter? Can't remember.

goldennib said...

Great photos.

I think you should wear your wedding ring on whichever finger feels best. I wear mine on the ring finger of my right hand. It likes living there.

Anonymous said...

I could just get lost in your back yard. You have the coolest bugs living there!

My brother lost his ring finger (he was 5). He wore his wedding band on his right hand.

Be careful, you'll run out of fingers to put it on if you lose more weight ~~~ next is the big toe!

Nancy Drew said...

Love those pics and especially the ring one!!!

Congrats on the weight loss and keep up the great work (((hugs)))!!!