Saturday, August 19, 2006

I love the boys

This morning, while my husband slept fitfully beside me, I had a dream that I tried to cuddle with Perez Hilton but he pushed me away in repulsion. I'm cute! I'm so offended. I know he lets other girls cuddle with him, why not me?? I'm such a whore. Hey, maybe Kristin Cavallari6 and I can be BFF!

Anyway, he posted a new video for Jessica Simpson's A Public Affair as done by Back Dorm Boys whose videos are all over YouTube now that it exists, but who I first mentioned back in January. I am so psyched to see they're doing oodles of videos because the one who always sits on my right (his left) is such a friggin' hottie that I want to make out with him. But, I digress. Go watch them! And, I'll add back in my very favoritest, As Long As You Love Me by BSB:


lemony said...

omigarlic those guys crack me UP. My favorite is I Want It That Way. I laugh every time.


NotCarrie said...

I dreamt Lindsay Lohan was my cousin last night, haha.