Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Quickie review: V for Vendetta

I. loved. it.

The only part I didn't like: there was an image of Baby Jessica (from the well) that was shown as an anarchy shot. I am sure others recognized other inappropriate footage for the anarchy scenes, but that's the one I recognized. Ah, yes, Wikipedia has it:
In the 2006 film V for Vendetta, a clip of young Jessica just after she had been rescued, wrapped in cloth and being carried through a crowd, was used in a sequence of clips depicting suffering during a fictional war in a future United States. Since there were no direct reference to Jessica or her plight in the well in the film, the clip presumably was drawn from archival footage. (referenced page)

Aside from that, I rate it an: A++++++++
(à la Christmas Story)

The story of rebirth, the repeating of history (the Nazis, Hitler, a nation of Fear), la revanche, l'amour... It is beautiful yet cunning. Surprising yet predictable. The ending brought tears to my eyes and sweet pain to my soul. (I'm sorry to be corny, I am trying to use my words to convey my feelings, and I can't quite wrap my heart around the English [or French] language.)

See it. You won't regret it.


Avitable said...

Glad you liked it. You should read the graphic novel, too. There are a few changes, some significant, some not-so-much.

I thought it was very unflinching, and I'm glad they never showed what his face looked like. That would have ruined it, in my opinion.

Diamond Lil said...

I saw it in the theater and loved it. Oddly, or not, I was really attracted to V. Natalie Portman, as always, was awesome.