Friday, August 04, 2006

“I'm a PC.”

Stick with it, you'll see why about a minute inward:

If you watched this and didn't get it, then you need to be visiting the Apple site a bit more. Or watching TV once in a while.

My source: MollyGood


Mel said...

That was great! :)

Ah, that John Stewart is a funny bitch.

Bryan said...


No, I said Ironically.

If you were an OS, which one would you be? I'm probably a Windows Vista: a long list of promises that gives Windows users a glimmer of hope, but dissapoint when I am finally released to the public.

goldennib said...

I have tubes under my floors. I'm all set.

Elsa said...

I saw this on The Daily Show and laughed out loud! I really like it when John Hodgeman is on with Jon Stewart.