Thursday, August 10, 2006


Back in late 2001, all of 2002, and even part of 2003 news like this would have scared me shitless, but instead I smiled and shook my head when I saw this on CNN's front page:

Leave alone the comedic factor that a double negative in English equals a positive, and therefore this sign is promoting the carrying of liquids in the right visual. It's not that I don't take this stuff seriously, it's just that the image comes on the heels of me reading an article on /. where the Department of Homeland Security suddenly finds it imperative to do Windows updates. Somehow the combo of the two events tickles my sickly dark side.

On a more serious note, COULD YOU PLEASE STOP USING MY HERITAGE HOMELAND TO CAUSE SHIT TO GO DOWN IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?! I would like to be able to return to England one day and maintain my sense of pride about it. All y'all bad guys keep effing with it and that's really not making the Popster too happy. You don't want to see an angry Poppy. For reals, yo. So, go blow each other up in space and leave the rest of us, including England and the United Sates, OUT. OF. IT. *mutter*


Photo credit: CNN, AP News

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BelchSpeak said...

I saw women throwing away lipstick and mascara. What bugs me so bad is that TSA is so bad at chemistry, and obviously, sign making.

And the real reason they are confiscating gel and soda?