Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sad news

At 4:30am Eastern Standard Time our beloved 50-foot pine tree was struck by lightning. Although the strike appears to be only superficially a split of the bark from top to bottom, there is evidence that the lightning entered the tree and wreaked havoc on its insides. We will be doing a sweep this evening for any wildlife who lost their lives during the strike. Please take a moment of silence to think positive thoughts about our tree so that the power of “I believe!” will keep him alive. Thank you. :)


jules said...

That's too bad, but hey, at least it was only a tree & not a person. There have been quite a # of people in our "tri-state" area killed by lightning this summer (not to mention drownings as well).

Diamond Lil said...

Oh no! Please give your tree a hug for me. I'm sending good energy to your pine.

Mishka said...

We have a 70 foot pine in our backyard that was hit in April and we are having to remove it this month. The lightening didn't kill it but left it open to infestation and it seems to have bore beetles now...we don't want to lose all of our trees so we are taking it out before it gets out of control. I am very sad...I know it has lived here for a very long time.