Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Did I mention it's the busy season at work? It's been the busy season since May, but it's now THE BUSY SEASON *alert alert alert*.

I did not win $1 million via my Butterfinger bar today. That makes me sad.

I did something yesterday that I ashamed about, and Hay found out about it in the middle of the night. When he woke me up out of a dead sleep I lied to him. This morning I told him I lied and apologized for doing so, and for doing what I did in the first place. It's too private to say more than that. I'm just feeling detached from the whole situation. It's over with, it's just disappointing. I know that I did what I did because I am feeling too much pressure to succeed at too many things. I prefer a Lazlo Hollyfeld-type of lifestyle, but instead I have a Martha Stewart life. Minus the jail time and house arrest.

I moderated a meeting this morning at which I attempted to joke around, and it fell pretty flat so I said something like, “ohhhkay, too early in the morning for joking around about [insert whatever I was talking about]” then after that everyone woke up and laughed at all my jokes. I'm funny! Laugh at me, dammit! :)

I share a phone with one of my co-workers, so every time it rings we have to get up and see which one of us it's for. I hate that. Neither of us wants to use the phone, so how's about we unplug the damn thing and leave it at that?

Je suis une potty-mouthe. :) Fuck fuck fuck.

Okay, have a great Tuesday! I will blog at you later, mes ami(e)s de blogville.


Chicken said...

Why do you have to share a phone with your coworker?

NotCarrie said...

DEFINITELY unplug it. Hate the phone.

goldennib said...

I hate phones. It really pisses me off that I pay for 4 of them, but anyway...

Did you hear Paramount dropped TC after 14 years because of his recent erractic behavior?

Poppy Cede said...

Chicken - We both have two separate offices, one of which houses three employees. The third employee in the office where we share a phone only has one office so she has her own phone. The two of us with two offices share a physical phone, although we each have our own phone line. It's a way for work to skimp on us. I think it might be more intelligent to consolidate us down to one office and give us each out own phone, but who am I to save the company a buck?!

NotCarrie and Nibs - If I thought my phone-sharing buddy would go for it I would unplug that damn thing.

Nibs - I didn't hear about TC! That's great news! :)

Nancy Drew said...

That sharing phones thing SUCKS. Sharing most appliances (like kettles) also usually sucks. Sorry that you have to put up with this kind of thing...hope it changes soon.