Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hay and I went proper grocery shopping today! I love it when we do that! So much junk food in the house! Including, but not limited to: peanut butter Twix, Gifford's cake batter ice cream, Nestlé Toll House chocolate chunk cookies (ready-to-bake variety), Pinwheels, Ritz toasted cheese chips, Austin peanut butter crackers, extra sharp cheddar, swiss cheese, maple smoked cheddar, frou-frou cracker variety for the cheese, Snickers ice cream bars, chocolate chip muffins, Ciabatta bread (for the sole purpose of slathering it with 3 T of butter, which I've done already today), Pepperidge Farms garlic bread, potato and cheddar pierogies, whipped cream cheese for sesame bagels, and peach iced tea. The receipt is in Hay's pocket and he's doing a bit of napping right now, or I'd give you the complete list. I think that's probably long enough to drive a few of you a little wild, though. ;)

Update: Got to look at the receipt, and I only left out one item. (How could I forget?) Bacon!

Update update: Oops, oh yah. And a marble cake with white frosting and red piping frosting and confetti candies.

Update update update: Crap! Okay, last one. Reese's peanut butter cups with caramel! Sooooooo tasty.


Avitable said...

Sounds delicious!

AnonymousCoworker said...

All the fixins for a good slumber party.

Diamond Lil said...

I think I just went into a food coma.

*the queen* said...

Peanut Butter w/ Caramel? Oh, you're just cruel. Back to my rabbit food salad. Hmph. :(