Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Busy much? (a cautionary tale*)

Yesterday's highlights:

  1. *B telling me her hotel story, which made me LOL (this story involves “poo”, sorry if you were munching on some cheese)
  2. Work work work work work work work (is that really a highlight?)
  3. My buddy who teaches security classes scoring only one point higher than I did on the first practice test :P (to be fair, I teach security classes too, but to end users; he teaches to people who want to be security experts)
  4. Trying to watch a slasher film after hours while waiting for Hay, but having a co-worker come in to chat about pulled pork and anime
  5. *Pot roast and mashed taters directly followed by explosive diarrhea at Dad and Stepmom's house (hope you weren't eating when you read that)
  6. Coming to the Laguna Beach realizations that: Kristin is a bitch and a whore; all the boys on the show are whores, too
  7. *Watching Allie projectile vomit all over Hay's sofa and the floor in front of it because she ate too much dried cat nip that a co-worker gave me (sorry about the eating! in fact, maybe you should just stop eating for now)
  8. *Soaking my foot in apple cider vinegar because I read on a website that was a good thing to do for unmentionable disgustingness of the foot (again, hope you weren't eating!)
  9. Waking up on the couch to noise outside, trying to decide if I should walk out in just my underwear, deciding against it in case I had to fight with someone, putting on Hay's PJ bottoms and walking outside to find a big-ass raccoon hanging out on the ground of the feeders, then RUNNING AWAY (in case you were wondering, Hay was asleep on his couch and he didn't wake up until I started yelling at him about the raccoon when I ran back in the house)
  10. Dreaming of a possible intrusion in the house, but realizing (in my dream!) how clean the house was so I didn't care as much if there was an intruder

Ahhh, I amuse myself. :) It's great to be me... All of the above things add up to me being behind in blogs and celebrity news and world news and and and, but I shall catch up.


bdogg_mcgee said...


Good job on the test, though! I know you're gonna do great.

I have finally updated the ol' blog--it's gonna have to be a two-parter...

bdogg_mcgee said...

Pulled pork and anime????

You'd better share, at least with me, sometime today!

Thank you. :)

Diamond Lil said...

I love a woman who can admit to having explosive diarrhea.

stefanie said...

Um, actually I WAS eating as I read all of this, but I don't think I'll lose my lunch over it.

You and Hay each have your own couch? Wow; what a life of luxury you live! :-)

Poppy Cede said...

*gasp* Of course we have our own couches! How else could we each lounge out, staring at our big screen TV while we both stick our heads into our laptops?! AND stay happily married?!

NotCarrie said...

I liked Kristin for like, one episode. I'm an LC fan all the way!