Saturday, August 05, 2006

Guessing game.

I'm pretty sure I saw someone die today.

I had an awesome time.

It was really muddy.

Do you know what I was doing?

No, I'm not kidding about the death part. And, somehow, that was overlooked in the day...

(If you really need a hint click here.


If you need another hint click here.)


goldennib said...

I would say fishing, but a fish is not a someone.

I got nothing.

goldennib said...

You were off-roading, you crazy, wild girl, you.

Bryan said...

Mud racing?

Poppy Cede said...

MONSTER truck racing, with a show of other vehicles that can do similar tasks that a MONSTER truck can do. In one of the races there was a little truck that tried to fly over two jumps in a row and ended up on his top. Flattened like a pancake. My dad and I looked at each other like, "did we just see that?! FOR REAL?!?!" It took a LONG time for the ambulance to respond because they weren't prepared. It was the first truck of the race, of any races in fact, so I don't think they realized that the festivities had started. It took them a LONG time to pull the guy out, and when he was finally on a stretcher he was covered over so we couldn't see him. The ambulance pretended like it was leaving, but didn't actually ever leave the field, so we're pretty sure the guy is DEAD. After about 10 minutes another ambulance came along and they did a "body" exchange, so. Yah. But, no word of it in our local obits, even though he was a local! Very mysterious.