Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lying low.

Shhhhh, I'm hiding in my office. Ducking, with the light off, trying to keep the evil work gods away. So far today has been the lowest key day I've had since May. I'm definitely knocking on wood and pretending I didn't just tell you this so that I don't suddenly get a ton of work dumped on me.

In my hushed state, I will return comment on one subject: I believe that Bree and Daniel are real kids just making videos. I occasionally correspond with Bree via YouTube email, or someone who says she's Bree. To those who doubt Bree's realness: How do I know any of you are real? And, how do you know I'm real? I could be some dude with a Harley and a six-pack o' Bud hanging out online to score me some tasty babes. ... ... And, how would you know? It's about trust. You either trust or you don't. Some people trust in a god; I choose to trust in Bree. To each one's own.

Okay, and now I'm all jumpy excited because I got quoted about the whole LG15 thing! W00t! :)