Saturday, December 02, 2006

Short shorts for the holidays

I got my hair chopped today. I know that a lot of people who have long hair become very attached to it, but it doesn't seem to phase me a bit. It was down past my shoulders and now it's just above my shoulders, with a bit of layer to it. It's funny to see all my hair strewn across the floor. Next time I'll wait a bit longer to get it all chopped off so that it's long enough to donate to charity. It was just barely too short.

After 32 years of frizzy hair I finally was able to get my stylist to explain to me that a flat iron will keep the stray hairs from curling up. How is it that I've allowed myself to suffer with the friz for so long without getting the help I needed? I will be asking for a flat iron for Christmas. :)


Anonymous said...

I had 5 inches cut off my hair a few months ago. I don't know how it happened that it grew that long. I just kinda let it go because I was too busy to be bothered with it.

Do you like it layered? I was thinking about doing that for the holidays. I've always had a blunt cut because I've never been able to find someone who really knows how to layer correctly.

Are you going to post pics so we can "oohhhh" and "aaahhhh?"

Avitable said...

I second the request for photos!

I go from fro to buzz every few months.

Maman said...

I am having the hair dilemna right now... I posted my own hair and alternatives but no one is voting... so I am going to have to decide by myself.. and sadly I am attached to this hair..sigh.

Maybe I should grow it a bit longer for locks of love...

P'nut said...

I'm forever fiddling with my hair. Short, long, curly, straight, blond, brunette, blah, blah, blah. It's just hair, it grows back, and playing with it really helps you see what looks good (and what doesn't) on your face shape and skin tone.