Wednesday, December 20, 2006

10 things I love beginning with the letter C

Heather at Nabbalicious graced me with the letter C from her 10 things I love meme. Here I go.

1. Cats. My kitties are my kids. I can't even imagine what a sad life I would be leading without my girls.

2. Cheese. A world without cheese? Inconceivable! I particularly enjoy the extra sharp and higher varieties of cheddar.

3. Caffeine. Oh, nemesis. I am on a caffeine break right now, but I've seriously been addicted to it since age 6 when I began drinking Taster's Choice and Coke as my main beverages. I don't drink Taster's Choice anymore, by the way.

4. Cuddling. I really like hugging Hay on the couch while we watch TV. It's like a treat to me.

5. Chips. American or English, it's all good. If they weren't bad for me I'd eat them for every meal.

6. Canada. Seriously, what's not to love? Some of the fondest memories of my life were made au Canada, mostly in places where they spoke French, but not always.

7. Chocolate. Just don't mix fruit with my chocolate. That's wrong. Oh, and anything above 70% is just too hard core for me. I particularly love the Lindt hazelnut wafer bar that I've mentioned in the past.

8. Corn. Particularly the popped and cob varieties. With butter. And some salt. And more butter.

9. Catawampus. It's an adjective, sometimes spelled cattywampus or cattywhompus. I like my life askew, crooked, and just not right.

10. Cows. Yes, I like to eat them and their delicious dairy products, but I thoroughly enjoy their company when alive. I particularly enjoy having calves suckle on my hand, which is an experience I can't describe without sounding like a total perv. Just try it. I even enjoy the aroma of their manure, incessant mooing, and spontaneous charging when I get too close.

If you would like me to give you a letter please let me know. If you would like Heather to give you a letter please let her know.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! ooooooh!

(raising hand)

Pick me! Pick me!

stefanie said...

Chocolate is described in percentages? I had no idea I knew so little about chocolate! I prefer dark. Does that register above 70%?

#10 kind of grossed me out, but that's OK. Clearly you're more of an animal lover than I.

Heather got her letter from me, so I don't need another one just yet, but have fun doling them out!

Poppy Cede said...

B, I give you S.

Stef, Lindt has a line of percentage chocolates which I don't care for. I understand about #10. My love for cows is so deep that they can do no wrong. I now recall reading your L post, although my brain hadn't processed it as a good idea when I originally read it. I guess I wasn't ready for it yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Catawampus - I learned something new! How fitting that you got the letter C, cats and cheese....Woot!

AnonymousCoworker said...

Cats and cheese are 1 and 2?

I'm shocked!


P'nut said...

That rocked. And I totally LOVE the word cattywhompus. I plan to use it. A lot. Thanks!

nabbalicious said...

I didn't know chocolate came in percentages, either, but mmm I loves me some dark. And I, too, love cheese. I could make a meal of the stuff!

Poppy Cede said...

I went to the store earlier and found that dark chocolate is about 55%, while the Lindt percentages line have 70% or 85%. Yicky.

I love regular dark chocolate, but at some point it just tastes like baker's chocolate, and that's nasty.

Dan said...

Nice list. Creative concept. Are the Top 10 "D's" next?