Thursday, December 07, 2006

CNET remembers James Kim

James Kim was a senior editor for CNET, so they have posted a beautiful remembrance article and an in memoriam section where you can leave your wishes for the Kim family. I cannot think about this man without getting sniffly. What a wonderful person he was, and what a sad but noble way to die.

Image credit: CNET
Photo credit: The Kim family

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Joanne said...

My friend got all furious with Seattle's news coverage of this last night. Apparently the news here (and I'm sure elsewhere) decided to highlight the fact that if he had just walked 1 mile the other direction there was a lodge with heat and food and he wouldn't have had to die. She was so furious that it seemed like the news was just poking the story with a stick to keep it going. She pointed out, quite rightly, that it doesn't help the family or anyone else to know this.