Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm dreaming of a Jam Christmas

Yes, I did think last night's Office was one of the best ever. I shall be downloading it from iTunes so that I may watch it whenever I feel like doing so.

I've sent myself a holiday card:

By the way, it's classified. Hehehehehe. Yip!


Bearette24 said...

the blond girl is so EVIL! but her evilness kinda made the episode.

Poppy Cede said...

Yes, yes she is very evil. Very good acting job to make me dislike her so much. In real life she and the Pam the receptionist are very good friends.

Avitable said...

That was an excellent episode. Michael marking the arm of one of the girls was hilarious!

P'nut said...

I liked when Angela said that green is NOT a whore-ish colour; ORANGE is a whore-ish colour. Good thing, too, since she had those festive green streaks in her hair.

stefanie said...

Best Angela line ever: "I don't come into your house and steal your Hello Kitty mini-backpack!"

I agree with you--awesome episode.