Sunday, December 10, 2006

Recent keyword activity: cedes as a name

FYI: My last name isn't Cedes. In fact, cede is a verb, which is my clever play on "forking it all over" and the use of Poppy Seed, which is the pseudonym I used as a young girl, but that blog is taken. It's dead, but it's taken. I've heard from more than one blogger who has found out my real last name that I have the raddest last name in the world, but I'm still not forking it over. :) I think if you paid Avi $15,000 he might give it to you, but then again I think he knows what will happen if he does. :P (Avi, really, I just like injecting you into my blog posts.)

Off to have the friends Christmas! Later, gators!


Avitable said...

Listen, Ms. Humperdink, I will never share your private information.

Poppy Cede said...

Effing A, Avi. Expect more than just a cheese plate on your doorstep in the morning!!!!@@@!~!!!@@~!!@!!!!


AnonymousCoworker said...

I'd fork it over for the low low price of 14,995. Though I'd kick 5 grand Poppy's way, of course.

Avitable said...

Ah, so you're trying to underbid me now, eh?



Poppy Cede said...

ACW, turnabout is fair play. You sell my name, I sell yours in return, ya bastid. AND I buy you a bunch of eggnog-related products from your wishlist with the expectation that you eat them. :D

This won't work on Avi because he hands out his name and address all over the world like a $2 hooker. (bwahahaha, I just made myself laugh!) and he doesn't seem to have a nog fetish.