Saturday, November 25, 2006

The next Mariah Carey (in a good way)

Hi, so blogger ate my last post, but that just shows how much I care about what I'm retyping, right?

In case you live under a rock in Europe or live in the States where we're not cultured about things across the pond, allow me to introduce you to a little gem: Leona Lewis. Perez has been cramming his opinion of her down his readers' throats a bit hard lately, but to be fair she is considered a superstar by her fans and by the judges of Simon Cowell's X-Factor on which she is a contestant. Despite her tonsillitis she sang Lady Marmalade and Whitney/Dolly's hit I Will Always Love You on this week's show:

Definitely a Bodyguard-inspired performance.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a good write up I am a great fan of hers and having sung 3 of my all time favourites and given her all 1000% I salute leona and say go for it leona

ericasharlette said...

If she gets to be half as spectacular as Mariah Carey then I continue to wish her well!

I remember Leona's first audition and being on the verge of being blown away by her unmistakable talent (she was a touch too 'Aguilera-ized' but Sharon quite rightly put a stop to that then and there!).

Thankfully, under Simon's guidance she going steadily down Carey Close instead of Aguilera Avenue, so only good things lie ahead!

ericasharlette said...

P.S. Despite her stellar performance, did anyone think she should have done 'I Have Nothing' instead?

The reason I stipulate this is because I saw mention of 'The Bodyguard' and thought I should clarify that last week's theme was 'songs from the movies' hence why Leona was given 'Lady Marmalade' & 'I Will Always Love You'.