Monday, November 13, 2006

Day planner

Friday: Welcomed the return of my co-worker who accepted another position elsewhere but has since decided she likes it better back where she was. (*cheer*) Went home a smidge early since I went into work a smidge early and crashed on the couch.

Saturday: Took Ripley to the groomer's, went grocery shopping while she was being groomed, brought her home, went to two game stores and Subway with Hay, came home and made a pie, then went with Hay and the pie to home of another of my co-workers and his lovely wife for a yummy dinner and hang out session.

Sunday: Woke up late, cooked more of those Pillsbury Cinnabon buns, went with Hay to Agway to buy a case of suet and Home Depot with Hay to buy a 28' ladder, came home, and crashed.

Monday: Called in sick due to general malaise-iness, slept in, took it easy for the day, then brought Georgie to the vet's.

Something I've learned which makes me quite happy: A handful of peanuts fills me up so that I don't snack at night and helps to clear out my system. Fascinating, isn't it?

Something I've learned which I just didn't know before: According to the show Intervention alcohol can cause atrophy of the brain and result in increased violence and aggression of its user.


bdogg_mcgee said...

I'm sorry you felt poorly yesterday! I wanted to call in today but my husband, ever the responsible one, talked me out of it. Grumble grumble...

AnonymousCoworker said...

Mmm... suet.

Anonymous said...

Dry roasted sunflower seeds. That's what works for me!

Busy weekend. You were probably exhausted!!!

NotCarrie said...

I used to drink a bottle of water before every meal or when I was hungry. Not only was I hydrated, but oftentimes, it would make me not want to eat.

NotCarrie said...
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