Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween countdown

Number of minutes Poppy left work early to greet trick-or-treaters: 120
Number of decorations placed around or outside the Cede household: 57
Number of bags of candy purchased: 5
Number of hours the light was on (the sign that we're giving out candy): 4
Number of trick-or-treaters received in said time: 6
Number of trick-or-treaters who were the neighbor kids from our street: 6
Number of fairy princesses that made the entire event worthwhile: 1


Mishka said...

Two years in a row we didn't get any trick or treaters even though I buy candy just in case. This year, we turned off all the lights, and left to go to a friends house with lots of trick or treaters and even dressed up and took the little ones out...nothing like living vicariously through other's children...haha.

I did carve pumpkins and when we got home around 8:30pm I lit them up. We have decor inside and out as well because halloween is an awesome holiday. I wish grownups didn't grow out of it. I love dressing up.

Mind Sprite said...

So I guess you'll be eating a lot of candy this week?!

I was on the phone with my mom and heard her say something brilliant. She told some of the neighbor kids to come back later in the evening for all the leftover candy :)

Avitable said...

It's so sad how few kids come around now. We had a fog machine and strobe light over the bloody head on a chain that moved, so I think the teens will be coming back next year just to see what we do.

P'nut said...

My sister has had at least 500 kids each year. They always run out of candy and have to close up early.

The one year I helped dish out the treats, we had 800 kids.

Anonymous said...