Sunday, September 09, 2012

fresh as a poppy

I used to write about a lot of things here that I look back at and could perhaps care about less than I do, but it would be difficult.

Note that the last time I did write here I was five years younger and a Vermonter.

Now I'm 21 again for the millionth time and live in NYC so am a New Yorker.

I now have 4 cats instead of 3.

I now live with some guy who's Internet famous.

I now work at an institution that is world famous.

I now have a very complicated existence but wouldn't actually trade it back for what I was trying to enjoy five years ago.

I now have an accent, because if I don't talk like you then I must have one, right?

Let's pretend we just met.

Hi, I'm Poppy. Some people call me Stef but the guy who sleeps in my bed doesn't, so why should you?

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